Constructing and Transforming Knowledge

As we are learning to be teachers we often think about how we learnt or the generations before us learnt at school. In the past, school was all about remembering things and as time has progressed we have realised that knowing stuff is great (especially for trivia) but not being able to use that knowledge makes that knowledge kind of pointless. Now we have to teach our students how to use the knowledge in a practical sense, we call that transforming knowledge. For example, I have a large knowledge base on the elements of music and can probably tell a lot about each element separately, even analyse a piece of music and pick it apart down to the skeleton. However, I struggle to use this knowledge to write a song of my own (this is a dilemma I am currently in).

It is still important to teach students the facts, concepts, and procedures as without these they would not be able to transform the knowledge as there is no knowledge to transform. We as teachers have to think deeply about what we teach and how we teach it. These two particular elements can mean the difference between a student being able to construct and transform knowledge or just construct knowledge and get no further. Using Bloom’s Taxonomy of Higher Order Thinking we can ensure students are able to do both.



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  1. Hi Tayla

    You make excellent points about constructing and transforming knowledge.

    As teachers we do need to teach the basics such as remembering and understanding on the Bloom’s Taxonomy scale before the students can move up the scale to eventually evaluating and creating. It is like if the students do not learn how to ride a bicycle they cannot create bicycle tricks.

    Learning how to ride the bicycle is the construction of knowledge and experimenting and creating tricks is where we see the transformation of knowledge.

    Now to apply that to using ICTs in the classroom in History and English lessons is my challenge.


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