Raz-Kids: Reading and Comprehension

Working in Special Education, I see many different applications used for enhancing reading and reading comprehension. There is one that I have seen in action in an intensive reading program, Raz-Kids.

Raz-Kids is a program available anywhere at any time on the internet and is also available on apple and android products such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the Kindle Fire Tablet. The program delivers hundreds of levelled eBooks in 29 different levels. These eBooks are also interactive which make the learning more engaging for the students. Each eBook also contains an eQuiz based on the book and will provide the teacher with a report to help guide their instruction.

As well as the Reading and Comprehension aspect of the program, teachers can also create assignments for their students to complete on the program.

Overall, it looks like this application will help enhance and transform both the learning and teaching of reading and comprehension to make it a more engaging and exciting experience for all!


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