Assignment 2 Unit formulation

So it’s been a while.

Assignment 2 has had me hiding under a bit of a social rock. Trying to decipher between the constructing and transforming knowledge in my syllabus and then trying to fit everything into one unit… Ughhh. Yes, I understand I’m not supposed to try and fit all the objectives from all 3 dimensions of the senior music syllabus into one term.

Part A

Stage One was easy done. Stage 2 was kind of fun! Trying to make the assessment as fun and as engaging as possible and trying to transform their learning by using ICTs. In a discussion about assessments with Kaitlyn she came up with an assessment that has both a real world link and can be transformed using ICTs and I tweaked it to fit my teaching area. The assessment ended up being that “students will be required to watch and/or listen to a popular song. After learning how to use online software and working in groups to create “practice” reviews that analyse and evaluate, students will individually create a review for an online magazine company on the performance they watched.” In order for students to be able to do this piece of assessment, they will need to know how to use WordPress, how to write a Music Review, and the characteristics of popular music.

Many students who take music in years 11 and 12 often do it because they have a knack for performance, so I was trying to think of a way that I could incorporate performance but not have it as a summative assessment. So, for students to prove that they understand the characteristics and technologies used in popular music they are required to choose a song and perform it in 2 lessons. Sure it’s a short amount of time, but when I was in high school, my teacher would get us choose from a set repertoire at the beginning of the lesson and perform that song at the end of the lesson. So 2 lessons it pretty lenient, I thought.

Those who don’t take music in senior for the performance aspect, take it because they like to compose or write songs. So the other portion of the unit is to use all knowledge they have gained doing the quick performance and the online magazine review to write a song in the popular music genre.

So, there is 2 pieces of summative assessment and 1 piece of formative, which admittedly is a bit backwards but popular music is all around and the unit gives students the chance to look at each dimension (performance, composition and musicology).



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