Digital Citizenship

Students that are currently attending school have more than likely grown up from day dot with technology. The parents have smartphones, iPads, or laptops and they were allowed to play with it. Many of them know how to use these better than their parents. It’s important that we try our best as the adults to know the technology, its uses, and to ensure our students have the same knowledge. This is also one of the AITSL standards, Standard 4.5 – Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethicallyStandard 4.5 – Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically.

  • Graduate level – Demonstrate an understanding of the relevant issues and the strategies available to support the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT in learning and teaching.
  • Proficient level – Incorporate strategies to promote the safe, ethical, and responsible¬†use.

Technology can be amazing but it can also have a negative effect, this is why within EQ school there are restrictions in place – to ensure that students don’t accidentally stumble upon something or someone that could put them in danger. We need to make sure that students understand the appropriate and responsible behaviour when using ICT. We can do this by constantly modelling the correct behaviour and reminding students of how they need to act online in accordance with the school’s policies.



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