Here we go again…

Placement, it’s here. Oh my goodness, I do not feel one bit ready.

After always being one of the last to find a placement this time, I found out really early and I think it’s made me so much more nervous.

4th time lucky, right? So far I’ve had a great run with placements and had some incredible mentors, however, I was told prior to my first placement that everyone has one placement that doesn’t go 100% no not even 50% to plan, that you have a horrible mentor and dread every minute of it. I haven’t had that one yet and each time gets me nervous that this one will be it. Will it? Hopefully not. I honestly feel like I’m going on my first ever placement.

I honestly feel like I’m going on my first ever placement all over again. It’s in a special school, and they run differently to mainstream schools even in the special education programs (each of those run differently too). This time I am with the same kids ALL DAY! Just like primary teachers. I don’t even know how I’m going to use ICT, or what I’ll be teaching.

I hope everyone else is less stressed than I am. We’re on the homestretch for the semester, we can do it!

Stressed Tayla signing off for prac.


3 thoughts on “Here we go again…

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  1. Hey Tayla!!

    You will do fine! I just know it! 😀

    I too feel really stressed about my prac! I am having concerns about having to use ICT effectively, but I am relishing the idea of learning from my mentor/s (I have three) which is a curse and a blessing. I am teaching my first batch of year 12 students, which has me stressed!

    I also hadn’t heard about the guaranteed terror prac, which has me more nervous so thankyou for that! haha

    Good luck and you will do great!


    1. Sorry Matt! I didn’t mean to make you more nervous. You’ll be great. Year 12s are the best. They choose to be there. Well they choose to be at school.

      Thank you for the luck! Back at you, you’ll be great


  2. I hope your prac turned out to be completely fine! I found out where I was placed on the Monday the week before I was due to start, on top of that I wasn’t able to contact my mentor until the Thursday! I was very nervous.


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