Technology Discovery for Mute Students

The answer to all teachers prayers! Well, I shouldn’t hype it up that much, but I’ve stumbled upon a pretty amazing application that can help so many students. Proloquo2Go is an incredible app for iPad/iPhone that can help so many students communicate, whether they are deaf, mute, low comprehension, just about any students with a learning difficulty.

In a staff meeting today, we were trying to find a way that a student who is a selective mute to be able to better engage in class and be able to meet the criteria for her English assessment where the ICP goal stated that by the end of term 2 she would be able to speak and present her poem. This student speaks very well and clearly at home but for some reason, she won’t speak at school. So as a group all the Junior Secondary teachers were trying to find ways so that the student would be able to meet her criteria as she is choosing not to speak. PROLOQUO2GO! The idea that we came up with is that she would type what she wants to say into the app and then present her poem to the class while proloquo2go spoke for her. I also suggested in the meeting that she could have one (if there was one spare) on her desk so she could better communicate and participate in class.

While this app doesn’t add/change any content, this will 100% transform her learning and communication as she will be able to participate in class like never before.


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  1. That’s amazing! I have linked to this post in one of my own posts.
    In the post I discuss the possibilities of technology and how they can be used to better the lives of students. Also I talk about the requirements of teachers to better the lives of students. I am impressed that you were able to find an application to help that student!
    I was thinking about other applications that you could use to better the lives of some students. One that came to mind was ‘headspace’ which is a meditation app. I have had some experience in the past using the app in a Professional Development and leadership class that is held for the students. It follows a development of increasingly longer meditation scenarios, which is really helpful for stressed or anxious students! I was thinking of having it available on my phone, and giving it to a student who is stressed, sending them to the back of the room and having them follow through the instructions on the app. This would hopefully help the student to calm down from their heightened stress and anxiety level and provide a chance for them to refocus on the task at hand.
    Hopefully we can find more apps to help our students! Good luck!


    1. Hi Matthew, just for an update the student who was a selective mute started talking the other day (after 1 1/2 years of being mute at school) – even made an announcement over the speaker! How exciting?

      Headspace is great for helping the mental health of students, it’s great that you found an app as this means it is more accessible for students.


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