The unpredictability of ICT

My professional experience has begun with a rocky start.

  • Day 1: Mentor doesn’t work Mondays and therefore was just observing another teacher and helping out around the classroom to get to know the students. Then getting moved down to the Junior school where there were meltdowns consisting of screaming, clawing, and throwing of desks by little people. Lastly my first experience of Parade – the quietest part of the day.
  • Day 2: Mentor has a throat infection. More observing and helping. I got to stay in with the students that are in my Mentor’s class this time though. While I didn’t teach any content I did guide the students through the activities that the teacher had left for the day and worked one-on-one with students to help and give prompts to be able to complete the assessment.
  • Day 3: Finally! I meet my mentor. Did more observing and helping – looking specifically at how my mentor teaches so I can try and attempt to replicate this so the students don’t get stressed when I do start teaching.
  • Day 4: Afternoon session was mine and I had free reigns – my mentor suggested that I do a music lesson as my other teaching area is music. The students in the class learn at between a Prep and Year 1 level and the lesson was adapted from the C2C P-2 Unit 1. This lesson was an absolute disaster.
  • Day 5: In discussion with my mentor we decided to try and ease them into something new after day 4’s disaster by doing a small 20-30 minute music activity. The lesson (in theory) was engaging, used ICT, and didn’t require the students to leave their seat or even move their body (this was an issue on day 4). The activity was a Kahoot quiz that required the students to recognise TV show theme songs. Well, 1 problem arose when I ran the idea past my mentor – the iPads (which I planned on using as the controllers for the quiz) did not connect to the internet. I solved this problem by having the students use my laptop, my phone, and my mentor’s phone with strict supervision. In hindsight, I should have checked this before planning a lesson that required the iPads to connect to the internet – oh well this problem was solved. Then trying to get the quiz to load on my mentor’s laptop using the school’s WiFi was 100% unsuccessful. Wooh! Two lessons down the drain. Absolutely bombed.

However, what I have learned from this is that while technology is fantastic it is super engaging for the students. It is also incredibly unreliable and therefore we need to have a plan B prepared and ready to go just in case the technology decides to not work.


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  1. I had a similar experience on my EDC2401 prac but my mentor was away for the entire first week with shingles, some things can’t be helped. It sounds like you learned a lot in managing difficult situations, although they can be draining it helps you to map out what you would do next time if it were happen again. I found with any group activities I needed to provide very clear step by step instructions and time frames or the students lost focus or became confused. I know firsthand that it is easier said than done, but hopefully it is something that gets easier in time. I hope you enjoy your 2nd and 3rd week more 🙂


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