Learning from last week’s ICT shamozzle

Throwback to last weeks post: Kahoot! What a great quiz app to use to engage your class (especially when the students in your class struggle to give you answers without options) until it doesn’t work.

In the last post by a fellow EDC3100 student, Matthew, he discussed how using powerpoints can either really engage students or make them completely disengage. I 100% agree, I remember when I was at school and my teachers didn’t know how to use powerpoint so they didn’t use any themes. BORING! Disengaged. Snore.

Now to elaborate on why I’m discussing this and last week’s tech issue… Kahoot and the internet connection may have failed me, however, I made a quiz using powerpoint that had the pictures embedded into the slides and students answered by holding up cards. While this is not answering with an iPad it got them super engaged. I have since used this as a theme to create more quizzes and have moved on to learning about tempo. The format of the powerpoint really engaged the students. In the newer quizzes, a bit of pre-teaching was required as students had to learn the names of tempos and then answer using the names of the tempos. Even with this pre-teaching, the students were still very engaged and excited to learn new things.

Powerpoint can be a very useful tool if used effectively.



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